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Whether you’re a caregiver, faith formation leader, content creator, or someone poking around on the internet, you are welcome here. Dandelion Marketplace is a multivendor platform that provides reliable progressive spiritual formation resources for families and communities.

As a faith formation ministry leader and parent, I find myself spending hours – and I really mean hours – sifting through content to share with other ministry leaders, kids, and their grown-ups. Once I find something, I have to comb through the content to make sure the theology is appropriate for my context. Unfortunately, oftentimes, it’s not. Finding curriculum and other resources that are not fundamentalist really can be exhausting! So, in good Enneagram One fashion, I began creating my own content to share. I know I’m not the only one who has done this because in my hours of searching, I’ve found other progressive faith formation content that is just *chef’s kiss*!

As I continued dreaming, creating, and yes – still sifting – an idea blew into my soul and took root. It grew the more I thought about it, talked about it, meditated on it. It bloomed. Just like a dandelion, the idea started out looking one way. Then, when my coach spoke into it, the idea transformed before our very eyes. The idea took shape in unexpected ways, and it just felt right. The dandelion could now grow where the wind blew, and it multiplied.

Dandelions are weeds. In manicured spaces, they’re a nuisance. But in the wild spaces, they thrive. Dandelions are resilient with deep roots and seeds that ride the wind, daring to grow where the wind blows. Their petals and stems have healing properties, and they’re rich in nourishing minerals we need. There’s no one prescribed way to enjoy dandelions – look at ’em, pick ’em, send the seeds to the wind. You can eat them, steep them, even infuse them with other sweet things.

I hope you'll stay awhile.

This space is the field where the wind has blown the weeds. They grow wild here. Take a walk through our dandelions. Look around, take your picks, and use them in the ways that are most nourishing to your soul.

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