God transcends human experience and language. While God is not incomprehensible, God is mystery to us. We can attempt to put language to our experiences with the divine, but at the end of the day, we can’t fit God in one box, building, or creed.


Our response to the mysterious divine is wonder, awe, and curiosity. We release the illusion that we must categorize and other. We ask questions rather than make accusations or assumptions. We open our hands rather than point fingers. Our jaws drop rather than clench.


Creation is wrapped in dignity that cannot be taken by another. We need each other. God’s special spark is in each of us, and when we love, collaborate, and care for all of creation, there is enough.


We aren’t there yet, and we join in the movement toward God’s dream of liberation, freedom, and Jubilee. We use our gifts and divine callings to dismantle oppressive systems and forces, wherever they manifest – including within ourselves. We listen, we learn, we act.


Dandelion Marketplace hosts resources that embrace these values. The ideal resource is inclusive, affirming, anti-racist, trauma-informed, and open to varying pronouns for the divine. We welcome all sorts of faith traditions, as long as the theology and practical application is generous, loving, and life-giving. If you are curious to learn more about Dandelion Marketplace, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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