Called Out Bible Study


Our scripture is the story of a people who have been called out; out of their homes, out of their lands, and out of their comfort zones. This divine call echoes through the text, calling us out of our own contexts in order to engage in the amazing and miraculous work of kingdom building


For many Christianity is a social identity and not a lifestyle. Studying God’s word can help move us from casual connection to a deep transformation of heart, soul, and mind. God is preparing us for something great. We are a royal priesthood with a divine call.

When we approach the Bible as contemporary Christian, it can sometimes be hard to understand how these stories, lists, and poems speak to us. In order to find God’s voice through these pages, we must dive into the text seeking the golden thread of God’s love and justice to be found there. When we do, we’ll discover that like the Patriarchs of old ,God is calling us  out into the community, out into the world with the promise of blessings and the covenant of relationship. The primary goal in this study is to understand the spirit of the text, to hear God’s voice calling through time and space to us, transforming us. 


Before each session you will be instructed to read three scripture passages each from a different segment of the Bible (Torah, Wisdom or Prophets,
Gospel) that are connected by a central theme. This study will primarily focus on the Torah reading, but will use additional scriptures to show how
themes and stories are repeated throughout the bible.

Scripture readings will be followed by a brief commentary to guide your reflections on the text. Part of the work of kingdom building is expanding our view of God’s community. In order to do that effectively, we will be utilizing feminist, womanist, queer, non-white, and disability scholarship to give voices to those who are not at the table with us.

When we gather we will check-in with one another, pray, and briefly summarize the readings(just in case someone had a busy week and didn’t
get to the reading). Participants will then be asked some basic “Digesting Questions” to get the juices flowing before discussing the “Digging
Deeper Questions.” Gatherings will always be closed in prayer. 


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