Different from the Beginning: A Magi’s Tale


A Monologue (or Reader’s Theater) for Epiphany based on Matthew 2:1-12

This is a storytelling from the perspective of a Magi. You are welcome to use in worship, but please use with attribution. (copyright: Karen Ware Jackson, 2015.)

This might be best editing to fit your speaking style and/or context. If so, please say, adapted from Rev. Karen Ware Jackson.


You may choose to wear a traveling cloak or carry a staff to symbolize a transition into the character of the Magi.

This can also be split into 2+ parts with multiple readers. Adapt singular pronouns as appropriate. The first version is written for a single reading. The second version is adapted for multiple.


I was one of the last to arrive at the manger all those many years ago. 


I came with that group you often call ‘the three wise men.’  

But ‘magi’ is probably a bit closer.  

We are from the east, it’s true.  

We are a people who watch the stars,  

chart their courses and delve into the secrets of the universe.  

We foretell the rise and fall of Kings and countries,  

we read the signs of the Universe and when we arrived at that stable about a week after the birth  

it was because the Universe directed us,  

and a star guided us,  

to a new and very powerful king. 


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