Family Devotional of Thanksgiving


This is a family Thanksgiving devotional OR a Devotional of thanksgiving to use with your entire church, your church families, or just your own family! There are 28 daily devotionals that would get you through Thanksgiving (depending on the year you may need to take a few out) or through most of the month. This does NOT have to be done in November. If your country doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving or if you want to do this devo during another month, that can certainly be done.


This devotional contains many interactive elements. One of them is for each family to create a “Thanksgiving tree” to put up somewhere in their house – on their table, wall, floor, etc. Ideas are included. Each day, each member of the family is to write down on their leaf what they are thankful for that day (it’s in the daily instructions) and hang it on the tree.

Each devotional contains a topic to be thankful for (animals/pets, creation, teachers, diversity, family, water, technology, sports, etc), a Scripture to read together (unless marked all Scripture came from NRSV), a short devotional, a call to action (something to DO that day or sometime that month), instructions for what to write on your leaves, and a prayer. (please download the free preview for an example)

Several days have games included, there is an ABC wordsearch, a Car Trip Bingo, a couple of great book suggestions to buy and read with the family, and a couple of video qr codes to make the devos more interactive. These devotionals are geared towards children prek-elementary and their families, but could be used by anyone.

Also, included are 3 pages of different types and sizes of leaves that you can print out to use for your thanksgiving trees. However, you can also purchase leaves already cut out at some Dollar Stores or online.

If you are buying this for your family, you only need to purchase one. If you are buying this for your entire church or your school, you can also just purchase one, but I ask that you also consider donating to Puriyninchik (which is talked about on day 27 – books). If you are purchasing this for multiple churches, please purchase one per church. thank you 🙂

If you want more info on this devotional, check out my blogpost that has a few more details.

EDIT – The heading of each devo now says “Day 1”, etc, (instead of Nov 1) so that it can be done anytime, any year. Thanksgiving is mentioned in a couple of the devotionals but again, it’s not a requirement.


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