March basketball || Bible Brackets || religious game


Bible Bracketology! 🙂 


When you buy this you get a zip file with two versions – powerpoint to play online/in person and fill in as you go and pdf if you’d like to print it off and play in person.

I wanted to put together a fun activity that our older elem kids and youth could play that somehow related to March madness! I made 4 brackets – the “strongest”, “bravest”, “meanest” and “wisest”. Who would win in an arm wrestling contest? Who would win at Jeopardy? Who was the most wicked? You decide! In each bracket there are 8 contestants that will “compete” to see who will win! There are many different ways you could play, but I included 3 versions. Before you start playing, give them all time to study the bracket(s) that you will be using and have them make a “prediction” – just like sportscasters do!

One: play just one bracket at a time and assign one “contestant” to one child/youth (or 2-3 if you have more people). They, then, read the scripture for their person and make an argument as to why they should win! They could even take it further and BE that “contestant”. If you are in person, this could be done as a debate or arranged like a boxing match. Once both sides make their arguments, the rest of the kids/youth vote as to who they think should win. Once your person is out, you can team up with someone else, or just continue voting.

TWO: You could play all the brackets at the same time. Divide up into equal groups and that group researches and decides how the first two rounds would go. Once every group is done (give them 15-20 minutes), meet back as a large group and and give a report of your bracket. As a large group, vote on who you think would win the final match.

Three: Work on one bracket at a time together as a large group. Have them make predictions beforehand so that they have someone to “cheer” for!  Make a case for your person!  

Or maybe you can think up a fourth way to play! 🙂 Have fun!


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