Pentecost Storytelling


This lively, interactive storytelling tells the story of Pentecost from Acts 2:1-11 (12-21, 41-42) using the element of a birthday party (candles, balloons, streamers, and cupcakes). Fill your sanctuary with the surprised gasps and joyful laughter that filled the crowd on that day long ago.

This product is included in Easter Storytelling the Seasons.


Happy Birthday Church, a celebration of
Pentecost, storytelling of Acts 2:1-11 (12-21, 41-42)

by Rev. Karen Ware Jackson


·    Balloons

·    Balloon Inflator (you can use hand pumps or helium if you prefer)

·    Balloon Clips

·    Battery Powered Tea Lights or Real Birthday Candles

·    Streamers

·    Cupcakes (enough for all or kids/young people) make sure to be conscious of gluten free or other allergies.

·   Napkins (birthday party themed are ideal)

·    Pitcher of water/font (for Option 2)


·   Blow up balloons and clip closed.

·    Pass out Balloons and Candles to congregation
(does not have to be everyone. I expect to pass out some as people enter the sanctuary and a few more before the story.)

·    You may choose to have two storytellers, one to read the scripture and one to give the instructions, but
it also works to have one person do both parts

·    Feel free to use your own words, especially for the opening, closing, and instructions. The story words are from the NRSV (which a few exceptions noted). Change if you prefer a different

·    You may simplify and edit based on the needs of your congregation and context. For example, if food in the sanctuary is stressful, leave out the cupcakes. If you tend to have a lot of lit candles, you may want to roll the streamers down the aisle instead of throwing them. Or you may choose to skip that all together


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