Prayer Partners


Prayer Partners seeks to guide individuals, pastors and others looking to deepen their awareness of God’s listening through the blessing of partnering in prayer.

This is a downloadable resource. 


Our faith instructs us to pray without ceasing. We might mutter our frustrations or plead to God for help but it rarely flows in endless song. 

We lift our prayers together in congregational worship and try to hold all those joys and concerns throughout the week. We might not feel we have the right words or the even the best connection to God. We need someone to listen when it feels like God is not. We need a Prayer Partner to help us to pay attention to God’s movements. 

*What qualities might you need in a prayer partner to deepen your sense of God’s listening?

*How might I build trust with my prayer partner?

*What might I hear from my prayer partner that I struggle to hear from God?

*When would I notice how this weekly/biweekly/monthly conversation changes how I listen to God?

This resource might be used by pastors to connect and deepen relationships within the congregation. It could be used by two people looking to share their prayers with another in a new way or it could support clergy as they seek support and nurture in their own prayer lives. It could be what you need to deepen your awareness of God’s listening. 


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