Religious Christmas or Epiphany Escape Room


This is an escape room designed to use Scripture from the Christmas/Epiphany story, Christmas props and a Christmas back story. You could certainly come up with your own “escape story”, but I will be reading our groups the Matthew 2:13-15 scripture which is aptly called “The Escape to Egypt”! 🙂


Come up with your own decor or use my ideas for a guide. There are 4 “puzzles” they have to crack and four boxes that need to be opened. Everything is provided for you in this file except the following:

– 4 boxes that can be locked

– 4 locks: one that opens with a key, two that open with four digit code and one 5 digit

– simple Gift bag prop

– Scrabble game or just the tiles

– Bibles, a printer to print out the clues and optional decorations/extra distractions

I have used this Escape room with kids as young as 4th grade. There is a Rebus puzzle, that proved harder than anticipated for that age.  But the puzzle has two versions – one with helps and one without.  Use the helps :)  This could easily be done with families of all ages (although non-readers would not have much to do).

If you have a tight budget, I have heard from churches that improvise boxes/locks with other items (ie – taping a shoe box shut, writing out the combination instead of using an actual lock, etc).  If you can’t afford to buy all the props, be creative!


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