Religious Easter Egg Hunt with Escape Room!


Couple your egg hunt with a religious escape room!


You won’t need many supplies for this except for a directional lock, puzzle, easter eggs and candy. Different ages can do this together or you can gear it towards a specific age – as I have provided you with instructions for an “easy” hunt/Escape and for a “hard” hunt/escape. Most of the work is on your own so this escape room plan is only $3. It’s simple to understand, simple to put together but LOTS of fun 🙂 It’ll add the little extra fun and “sustenance” to the egg hunt that you’ve been looking for 🙂 One of the clues does involve Scripture of the resurrection – don’t forget to explain to the children that THIS is why we celebrate Easter!

I think you could do this with 20 children if you split them up into two groups – “searchers” and “solvers” 🙂

I did this escape room with my younger and older elementary groups and wrote a blog about it if you want to see more pics and get more details 🙂

word doc and pdf provided


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