Resurrection Anytime


Resurrection Anytime is a simple worship service to heighten your senses with curiosity and delight at the wonder of the resurrection. It is designed to be used outside of congregational worship but could also be used for small groups in a congregational setting. 

This is a complete downloadable liturgy to be used for individuals, families and groups of friends on Easter Sunday.


Easter Sunday brings big promises and big ideas into our beings. It is hard for both adults and children to grasp this good news and make it feel applicable to their life experience. Resurrection Anytime uses CONTEMPLATIVE PRACTICES for young and old to consider what it means for hope to come alive. 

Designed for a gathering outside of any sanctuary on Easter Sunday, this brief worship service focused on Mark 16:1-8 allows the gathered community to consider what the hope of resurrection means for each of us on this particular day. It offers those gathered a COMPLETE LITURGY to shape the worship experience and a CHECKLIST all of the elements needed to execute this service. (It’s a very short list.)

Within that short checklist, there is a suggestion to gather something to play music for the singing of the two hymns in the worship experience. For ease and fun, this liturgy gathers those hymns and a few songs for a dance party benediction on this Resurrection Anytime playlist on Spotify.

Created by a spiritual director, this resource is intended for individual use and can be used for independent use.  More information about prayer practices and spiritual direction can be found at Holy Threads.


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