Retreat to the Woods


Retreat to the Woods is the fourth edition in a series of downloadable retreats for individuals to explore the wonder of one place over an afternoon or several day through meditations, scripture and prayer practices grounded in the uniqueness of this place.


Jesus invites us to come away for a while. God rests on the seventh day after all that has been made but for many of us it is hard to find a time for rest and renewal. We are all consumed by our habits and routines. We teeter toward burnout before taking the opportunity to step away and expand our vision.

RETREAT TO THE WOODS offers a series of experiences to awaken the heart, mind and body to find fresh perspective within the wonder of humanity and the world we inhabit together. This simple take-along retreat invites individuals to be fully immersed in the wonder of place. There are echoes from scripture tied to reflections and prayers and a full sensory experience to be had in an urban center of any size.

Offering suggestions for how to plan your retreat for a few days or an afternoon, this resource invites individuals to explore where the Spirit might be leading from the varied mediations and spiritual practices held within.

In this RETREAT TO THE WOODS, there is opportunity to ponder the origin stories that shape us, how our senses inform our prayer and how the trees can be our guides and teachers in every season. There is space for each individual to connect themselves to this place through practices including forest bathing, breath work,  journaling and more.

Created by a spiritual director, this resource is intended for individual use and can be used for independent use. There is also an opportunity to partner with Elsa Anders Cook for one-on-one spiritual direction while on retreat. More information can be found at Holy Threads.



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