Scripture Based Escape Room


Can your preteens/youth escape the room in time? 🙂 Using scripture, math and logic, youth (and even adults) have to figure out how to get 4 locks open that will unlock the box that holds the last clue that will open the container with the key 🙂


Make up whatever story you’d like as to why they’re stuck in the room – the scripture is random but the final clue is Mark 4:41 and the picture of Jesus calming the storm is the final clue. Your kids/youth need to know how to find scripture in the Bible, do basic math and use a calculator. I would suggest no younger than 4th grade. Everything is included – step by step instructions, what and where to buy your materials, how to set up and things to print out that you’ll need. I love doing escape rooms but they aren’t easy to design and come up with! If you’ve made your own that is also religious and for this age group please let me know! I’ll trade you 🙂 I wrote a blog about the escape room (not specific lesson plans but has pics and basic idea). If you’d like to see more about it go here.

If you’ve never done an escape room – or led one – this may be a bit overwhelming. After attending a workshop, I learned that the easiest way to organize one is with a flow chart. so that is what is included – as well as pictures and more specific instructions. if you have any questions about what I’ve made or how I’ve organized it, please email me!


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