The Fall: A 21 Day Meditation Challenge (Audiobook)


The Fall is a 21 Day Meditation Challenge, wherein we re-examine what is commonly referred to as “the Fall” in Genesis chapter Three. It is an exploration of identity. And it is a reminder that Chapter One comes before Chapter Three.

As such, Week One explores the true & eternal identity of the Self; before, since, after “the Fall”.

Week Two explores the true & eternal identity of ‘The Fall’ itself; prayers we get to pray as a result of the Fall.

And Week Three explores the true & eternal identity of God; the Source of Harvest; the Source of Abundant Love. The Source itself.


For the next 21 Days we will embark on a journey of meditation in a Challenge aptly titled “The Fall”. This journey of identity discovery will be comprised of three sections:

Section One will take us from Day One to Day Seven, wherein we will meditate upon our identity before the so-called Fall. This is an examination of who we are as Image Bearers & how our true identity exists before the Fall, in the midst of Fallenness, & Transcends the nature of being Fallen. Simply put, it is a reminder that Genesis chapter One comes before chapter Three & that our true & core identity is as described in chapter One & is the same in & beyond Revelation chapter 22.

Section Two begins on Day Eight & Transitions on Day Fourteen. This section is a week of meditative prayers. These are prayers we get to pray because of the Fall. These prayers will hopefully subtly shift the focus away from seeing us as separated from God, & seeing the Fall as a negative event in history; And shifting the focus toward seeing us as being constantly United & reunited with God & One Another. In this way the Fall can be seen in a positive light; that this reuniting is only possible because of the Fall. Section Two sheds 

new light on the true identity of separateness & the Fall.

And Section Three closes the series, from Day Fifteen to Day Twenty One. The focus of the third week is simply upon The Identity of God; specifically God’s Eternal, Abundant Identity of Love. The God of Harvest. The Source of Love. The Source of Abundance. The Source itself.


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