VBS starter kit || He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands


A VBS that will take your kids around the world!


I used this VBS in 3 different churches so I have a lot of materials/printables/lessons that you can use. Included in this VBS packet you will find the stories we did, our Bible verses, art lessons, song ideas, game ideas, pictures of decoration ideas, snack lessons, story lessons, and other stuff. I loved doing this VBS (which is why I did it 3 times at three different churches 🙂 It’s a wonderful message for the kids!

What we did was pick one continent for each day, then we picked 3-4 countries on that continent to visit. For each of those countries, I found games, snack, and craft ideas. The kids had fun “traveling the world”!

Please note – These are the files I collected from when I did this theme. This is not a formal word for word store-bought curriculum for you to give your teachers. These are just ideas for every aspect of the theme that will hopefully help you when planning and cut back on time surfing for ideas and lessons.

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