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VBS starter kit Cooking theme!


If you write your own VBS’s and want to use this theme, then this is for you! Hopefully these documents will save you some time in surfing around and looking for ideas! It also has all the documents I gave teachers – with their schedules and their lesson ideas. I don’t give the teachers word for word guidelines as they are very knowledgeable and creative and like to run with the ideas! Instead, I give them the story, a few ideas, and then let them go for it!

This file contains the following:

Photo Release Form

Each Individual Group schedule (you can adapt this to your own VBS)

Rotation schedule and ideas (in pdf form and word) including:

Cooking, games, art, classroom time, storytime

Song Lyrics (you will need to obtain permission to use these if you give out CDs)

Puppet show (which I wrote)

Pics for memory game

Registration form

Signs we used to emphasize word of the day (from song)

excel volunteer form (also in pdf)

The VBS’s that I put together are for 5 days, three hours a day. However, you can adapt them pretty easily for what you need them for. I tweak them every year as I learn what works/doesn’t work for each church.

I’ve run 10 VBS’s and have written or put together 8 of those (although 3 I did were the same at 3 different churches). I find it’s much better to put your own together than to pay money for a generic one. It’s not as hard as it looks…and it can be easily geared specifically for your own church! Hopefully this can make the process even easier for you! Enjoy!

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