Wheel of Bible Trivia || Easter and Holy Week


Help your kids or youth group class learn about Easter and Holy Week with this fun religious game on Powerpoint! 



*********Please note that this game MUST be played on powerpoint as Google slides doesn’t have the capabilities to do the animations**************

Once they’ve gotten the slide correct, have someone read the Scripture at the bottom of the slide to learn more about it! The slides are in order (more or less…some aren’t specified exactly when they happened in the Bible).

Or, simply use this game as a review once they’ve learned about Holy Week. If you use it as a review, I suggest mixing up the slides so they aren’t in order 🙂

Here are the 20 words and scriptures used in the puzzles (in this order):

Ash Wednesday – Genesis 3:19

Holy Week

Palm Sunday – John 12:12

Hosanna – John 12:13

Donkey – John 12:14-15

Maundy Thursday

Foot Washing – John 13:3-16

Last Supper – Luke 22: 14-23

Good Friday

Jesus Prayed – Luke 22:39-46

Judas’ Betrayal – John 14:10-11; Matthew 26:47-50

Peter Denies Three Times – Luke 22:54-62

Pontius Pilate – Luke 23:1-5;13-25; Matthew 27:11-14

Crown of Thorns – Matthew 27:27-31

Crucifixion – John 19:16-19

Father Forgive Them – Luke 23:34


Empty Tomb – Luke 24:1-3

Resurrection – Mark 16:1-6

He’s not here, He has Risen! – Luke 24:4-5

If you’re looking for other Holy Week and Easter games, I have an Easter Egg Hunt Escape Room and a Guess the Emoji Holy week game (included in a bundle) as well 🙂

I’ve created over 50 religious games for kids/youth and wrote a blogpost explaining each one (or series), the cost, and for what ages. Check it out if you’re interested in more games!


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