What is Dandelion?

Dandelion Marketplace is a platform that provides progressive spiritual formation content for families and communities. Dandelion serves as a colander, offering the most reliable resources, without having to sift through fundamentalist search options.

Who wins with Dandelion?


Progressive individuals and caregivers are looking for high-quality, theologically sound resources that will nurture their family’s faith in healthy ways. They need a reliable space on the internet to find what they need quickly.


Progressive churches and faith communities need access to various faith formation resources that fit their needs and cost less than traditional curriculum. They need beautiful design, reasonable prices, and generous theology.


Progressive faith formation leaders who create their own resources need to share their content beyond their local contexts and get paid for their labor. They need a place to network, set up shop, and build their platform.

Our Story

Sometimes things just come together, don’t they? To me, that’s evidence of Spirit doing her thing. With Dandelion, the seeds rode the wind, took root, and began to grow wild. 

Our Values

It’s not just what we do. It’s why we do it. It’s who we are. Our core values – Mystery, Wonder, Abundance, Justice – ensure that every resource you find at Dandelion is generous, loving, and life-giving. 

Shop on Dandelion

Whether you are an individual, parent, or ministry leader, Dandelion provides carefully curated, reliably progressive faith formation resources. Click the button below to explore our resources and GROW WHERE THE WIND BLOWS.

Sell on Dandelion

Dandelion is always looking for ministry leaders and creators who offer reliably progressive faith formation resources. If you have resources and want to expand your platform, click the button below to learn more about becoming a Dandelion Vendor.